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This blog is to help give out tips to do well in school and how to endure the challenges it brings. I believe everyone can do well with motivation. :)

I also post study problems.

I am a 16 year old boy who wants to go to a university and become successful in life. I am very helpful to almost anyone as long as I have the time! :)
June 8th
1:52 AM

a message from Anonymous

I have a science final on Monday an I really have to study bc I s*ck at science. But hey guess what I'm really not feeling up too studying. What shall I do?

It depends on what science.

In all sciences, it’s good if you can make your own study group as it’s much less boring when studying with friends. Study for moderate amounts of time and take a short break after each study period. 

Biology: Biology is difficult because it requires a lot of memorization and retaining to be effective. There are several ways to improve your memory, including eating healthy and color coding your notes. 

Chemistry: Work out some past chemistry problems from quizzes and tests as it is likely that your final incorporates elements from them. This is true for just about every class you take, unless your professor is a complete butthole. 

Physics: Arguably the hardest but most rewarding when you understand. I too have trouble with understanding how to do physics problems and my grade is suffering because it’s a completely new subject to me. My best advice would be to deeply analyze every problem you’re given. This is especially true for engineering physics. What I mean by deeply analyzing is to see what forces are being applied, what elements from the current and past chapter are in the topic, and what equations or formulas to use. 

I hope this helps. Best of luck!

August 8th
12:43 AM

Summer quarter. Oh my god. Never again…

August 5th
9:21 PM
April 5th
9:13 PM

Sometimes, to do well, you have to make sacrifices. 

March 31st
4:36 PM

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven’t been updating as much lately! Been pretty busy with school and I’m almost out on studying tips. :/

March 28th
4:46 PM

a message from Anonymous

Hey and thanks for a great blog! ^^ The only problem is that the background picture and transparent posts make the text hard to read; I wonder if it'd be possible to somehow change it so that the text would be easier to read. I don't know if it just me being blind but I could use some change.


January 1st
12:31 AM

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

December 25th
2:22 AM

a message from Anonymous

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a lovely one ♥

Thanks!!!!! :)

December 10th
6:39 PM

First quarter of college and I got a 4.0 surprisingly!

December 4th
6:30 PM

I have my Calculus Final tomorrow and idk what to start studying on because there’s so much to cover. asdjkl;asd